Soil preparation is one of the most important steps to having a successful Farm. The farm soil is fertile, well drained yet retains moisture, and gets enough air circulation which is needed for healthy roots.

Goshenn Greenland Ltd offers soil preparation services whicl include:

  • Soil testing 
  • Supply of fertilizer suitable for different soil type
Training and Mentoring: Goshenn Greenland ltd offers training for small holder farmers on global best practices that will improve their product output. The goal will be to shift the minds of farmers from viewing their farms from subsistence to an agri business capable of unlimited growth. We will equally offer mentoring for youths on how to start and grow in the agri business.
Our partnership with Goldoni provides us access to some the best farm equipments that will take away the drudgery associated with farming and thereby encourage more people to embrace agriculture as an occupation.
We supply and support (maintain and repair) the farm equipments.
We equally have payment plans for our customers.
Ask us how we can help you own a Goldoni tractor today!
At Goshenn we have the best team of designers and builders of Green houses that will suite your home and needs.
Our designs are aesthetic and functional to meet the unique requests of our customers.


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